Destination Wedding Guide

Wedding Wire recently released their Destination Wedding Guide - 2017 which included lots of interesting facts about couples just like you.  For instance...

13% of all couples consider their wedding to be a Destination Wedding.  

59% of those couples choose a wedding location that is significant to them and/or their significant other.  

42% of those couples choose to have a destination wedding because they want a unique experience.

44% of those couples do not pick a tropical destination (hello Upstate!).

The most popular wedding destinations are:

NEW YORK, California, Florida, Dominican Republic, St. Croix, Trinidad & Tobago, and USVI

What are some tips for planning a wedding from afar?

"Planning a destination wedding means you won't be able to be as hands-on with the decision making as you would be if you were getting married in your hometown.  It's a good idea to hire a wedding planner based in your wedding location who can help recommend and coordinate with vendors."

Click here to read the full Destination Wedding Guide.